Petrol Pumps are Sexist!

Says woman. Female motorist Melanie Morgan says the fuel pumps are sexist as the pump handles are designed for men.

She is accusing petrol stations of sexism because their huge ‘male-designed’ pump handles hurt her ‘small hands’ – and now has to get her partner to fill up their van.

Melanie revealed her small-handed problem to 35-year-old teacher partner Jared, who initially laughed it off.

Melanie said: ‘When I was younger I thought I had small hands, but as an adult my hands are no bigger.

‘I’d come back to the van having got out and filled up and when I got back in I was flexing my hand, like when you’ve been writing a lot, and I was like ‘ooh actually that quite hurts’.

‘I said this to my partner and he kind of laughed it off and I said ‘no really it hurts, you have to grip it really hard when you’ve got smaller hands’.

‘It’s ridiculous that that’s something I have to think about, I took the pictures to prove to my partner that I had a point.

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