Phillip Schofield shares Photo of himself breaking down in tears

This Morning’s Phillip Schofield broke down in tears after watching the emotional ending of Ricky Gervais’ After Life.

Phillip opened up about his tearful reaction while interviewing the owners of Anti, the dog who appears on the Netflix show.

He said: “We’re watching it as a family. It was my eldest daughter who said, ‘Oh my God we’ve just finished series three and we’re in bits’ – her and her boyfriend.

He shared a picture of himself crying and said: “That’s me. At the end of After Life.

Several fans sympathised with him saying: “Never mind the finale of series 3, haven’t made it through a single episode without crying.”

Anti the German Shepherd doubles for Ricky Gervais, character Tony’s dog Brandy in the comedy series.

They both appear in the final scene of the series, which Ricky has insisted will be the last ever.

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