Phillip Schofield’s wine range axed from Waitrose after being labelled ‘undrinkable’

Phillip Schofield’s wine range has been axed from Waitrose after being labelled ‘undrinkable’.

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The This Morning host’s own collection of wine has now been listed as unavailable on the website following bad reviews.

Customers have slammed the range, calling it ‘beyond saving’. Phillip launched the range back in 2020, saying that there has never been ‘anything I have been so passionate about’.

However, after just being in stock at the supermarket for two years, it seems that the stock has now been pulled from the website.

The store said:  “It’s absolutely normal for us to review our selection from time to time and we haven’t sold this wine for a while.”

The wine used to be on sale for £24.90. However, customers began to leave negative reviews and the overall rating of the product was just 2.2 stars out of 5.

One person who just rated the wine one star, commented: “There is nothing whatsoever you can do to make this drinkable. Chill it to freezing, add ice, consider a mixer – it’s simply beyond saving. Avoid.”

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