Piers Morgan accuses school of creating a ‘generation of snowflakes’ after banning children playing tag

Piers Morgan was furious at the news a school had banned games of tag for being ‘too rough’ and seethed during a debate on Good Morning Britain.

It was announced last week that a headteacher had been branded ‘Britain’s biggest snowflake’ for stopping children from playing the game for their own safety.

As the topic was discussed on the ITV breakfast programme, Piers fumed: ‘How do you think we prepare our young children for the real world when they’re not even allowed to play tag?

‘They’re not allowed to win or lose in anything anymore, now they can’t even play tag.’

He continued: ‘We’re wrapping the kids in so much cottonwool we are ill-preparing them for the real world.

‘Why are we even debating this? The idea that we are now debating on national television, last week we were debating are we even allowed to clap anymore…

‘We can’t clap, we can’t play tag, we can’t win or lose.

Why are we even having these conversations? ‘We’re creating a generation so snowflakey that they won’t be able to leave their house.’

Amy Nickell argued that tag should be banned from the playground and said: ‘Aggression is not necessary and if we’re going to be progressive, let’s limit aggression. Tag is one-upmanship.’

Meanwhile, behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings argued that kids should be playing the game because it’s ‘boisterous’ and ‘excitable’.

‘Tag releases a burst of dopamine, we want our kids to be happy. It’s fun,’ she said. ‘It’s a consensual game. You can join it when you want, you can leave it when you want.’

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