Piers Morgan says terrorists should be ‘locked up forever’

Piers Morgan has called for convicted terrorists such as London Bridge attacker Usman Khan to never be released from prison.

The Good Morning Britain host said that the UK should lock terrorists up in jail and ‘throw away the key’ in a hot-tempered debate with human rights lawyers today.

He said those convicted of terror charges should face the same fate as offenders such as the Kray twins and Peter Sutcliffe, also known as the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’.

All three convicts were handed life sentences when they were found guilty of violent offences.

Morgan claimed the same strict punishment should have applied to Khan, who pleaded guilty to Al-Qaeda-inspired terror plots in 2012.

He received an indeterminate sentence in 2012 with a minimum term of eight years for planning to bomb the Stock Exchange.

But his original sentence was quashed and he was then sentenced to a 16-year term which allowed him to be automatically released after serving eight years. 

Less than a year after he release on licence, Khan carried out a terror attack at London Bridge, stabbing two people to death before he was shot dead.

Speaking about the decision to release Khan on ITV today, Morgan said: ‘If you are a self-confessed terrorist in this country then you don’t come out of prison.

‘The judge said that Usman was particularly more dangerous than the others because he was strategic in his thinking and here we are all these years later.

‘I completely believe in the rehab of prisoners, both in prison and out and in trying to give people a second chance.

‘But I would make an exception for murderers, and we should make an exception for Al Qaeda and ISIS.

‘The Yorkshire ripper has never been let out, the Kray twins were never let out. Yet we let Al Qaeda terrorists out.

‘There’s no way in a million years he was going to deradicalise in eight years. This has been the perfect storm scenario which you could have predicted.

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