Pilot does 360 turn above UK to give passengers view of Northern Lights

An easyJet pilot turned 360 degrees over the UK on Monday night to give all passengers on board a chance to see the ‘incredible’ Northern Lights.

Pictures taken by a passenger on the flight, which was returning to Manchester Airport, captured the stunning waves of green, purple and pink across the sky.

The Met Office said the best places to see the Northern Lights on Monday were Northern areas. However brits as far as Essex reported seeing a purple and green glow above the clouds.

Adam Groves, who had returned from an engagement weekend away in Iceland, said: “We had been half expecting them as the aurora forecast was high, but low cloud cover in Iceland over the past week meant we didn’t see them from land. We were hoping to see them while we were out there but didn’t get the chance.

“We took off and half way into the flight the pilot turned all the lights off and the view was out the left window. We were sat on the right hand side and after two to three minutes the pilot switched back and did a 360 loop around for everyone to see.”

Another flight with British Airways also did a 360 turn to give passengers a view of the Northern Lights. Ben Applin managed to capture an incredible video of the Aurora while flying home…


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