Police form ring of steel to shield Churchill statue from Pro Palestine mob

Pro-Palestine activists have descended on the capital and police have been forced to physically prevent people from going near the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square.

Pro-Palestine activists have swarmed the capital today with activists all over the city calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Metropolitan Police officers have formed a protective ring around the statue of Sir Winston Churchill in response.

Protesters have also descended on Barclays Bank branches across the country. Pictures from Tottenham Court Road in London show a huge police presence and crowds of activists have since gathered in Westminster, bringing with them the possibility of more chaos in the capital.

Large rallies are being staged all over the UK – with extra attention focused on them after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak yesterday claimed democracy is being targeted by extremists. Local demonstrations are planned for this weekend before another national march, organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), in central London on March 9.

Many of the actions this weekend are directed against Barclays Bank, which the PSC claims holds “substantial financial ties with arms companies supplying weapons and military technology to Israel”.

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