Police Hunt for ‘snatch gang’ who tried to ‘kidnap baby from pram’

Parents have been warned to be on alert after a baby was nearly snatched from her pram.

A woman was shopping at TK Maxx with her siblings when three women and one man started following them around the store. At one point, she claims one of them lunged for the one-year-old before they fled the scene.

A photo of the suspects was later shared on social media, with a plea for parents in Crewe to take care.

She wrote: ‘I can’t believe these four people tried to [steal] my one-year-old baby sister. ‘They tried to rip her out the pram and followed the children around the shop. I’m reporting it to the police.’

Another woman then came forward to claim the same group had left her feeling uneasy after following her around Aldi and staring at her newborn baby. She wrote: ‘I was in Aldi earlier with my 17-week-old baby and they were acting so weirdly, leaning into his pram staring at him and watching my every move.

‘They were following me around the store and I left in the end because of them! ‘I honestly think if he didn’t have the rain cover over him for Covid reasons, they would have fully reached in and tried to take him too. ‘They were acting so weird, watching my every move and staring at my baby into the pram. They made me feel so uncomfortable.

‘I was staring the woman out to let her know I saw what she was doing and to back off but they wouldn’t leave me and my baby alone. ‘It really freaked me out, it’s definitely the same people.’

Police have confirmed they are trying to make contact with the first victim to find out more details following the incident on Sunday.