Police officer filmed putting man into ‘chokehold’ during arrest

A disturbing video posted online on the 16th of August has led to an officer being suspended from front line duties. The video shows an officer putting an individual in an apparent chokehold whilst making an arrest.

The video, which was shared on social media, begins with a man being restrained by an officer who appears to push him against a car. The officer then pulls the man backwards onto the floor, where it appears the cop has him in a chokehold. They struggle for a moment in the road as the man waves his arms. The officer then appears to shout: ‘Chill out or I’ll choke you out.’

A second officer arrives and kneels on the man while trying to pull his arm behind his back. The man appears to resist, before one officer shouts ‘put it over now’. The first officer then pushes the man’s face into the ground. Both officers then kneel on the man and keep his arms behind his back before the video cuts out. West Yorkshire Police confirmed it has voluntarily referred itself to the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) over the incident

‘We immediately reviewed the footage and looked into it as a matter of urgency to establish the full circumstances. ‘We have reviewed the actions of the officers involved and a referral has been made to the Force’s Professional Standards Directorate. ‘Our investigation remains ongoing and we have made a voluntarily referral to the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC). The officer involved has been removed from frontline operational duties.’

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