Police officer ‘orders driver to remove Bol***ks to Brexit car sign’

Anti-Brexit campaigners claim they were pulled over by police and told the remove a slogan from their car.

The side of the car had been printed with the words ‘Bollocks to Brexit’, and officers allegedly took issue with the swear word.

Passenger Peter Cook said he and a friend were ‘minding their own business’ on the M25 when they were signalled to pull over.

An officer who Mr Cook described as appearing angry told him the sign was a public ‘order offence’.

He said the car was stopped around 2.30pm yesterday on the motorway near Brentwood. Initially, he claimed he was asked to remove the slogan on the hard shoulder but was allowed to drive into a services to remove it.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: ‘We are trying to identify the officer from the video footage to establish the circumstances around what happened. ‘In the meantime, we would encourage the driver to get in touch with us.’ In 1977,  a judge ruled ‘bollocks’ was not obscene after a record store manager was prosecuted for displaying the record Never Mind The bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols.

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