Powerful 4.2 Earthquake hits Britain

A powerful 4.2 magnitude earthquake has just hit Wales, UK at around midnight.

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People in Cardiff and surrounding areas of Wales have reported their houses shaking and car alarms going off as a huge earthquake hit the area.

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The tremor struck in South Wales just before midnight at a depth of just over one mile, according to the British Geological Survey.

Nicola from Wales said: ”I was on the settee watching a movie and the whole house started shaking. I was slightly drunk after having a few too many so stumbled outside to see my neighbours in panic.”

”Dogs were howling and car alarms were going off. It was so scary.”’

Dave from Cardiff said: ”The tremor was so powerful it knocked his pet parrot off its perch.”

People as far away as Wolverhampton claimed to have felt the effects of the quake.

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