Prepare for No Deal as Government orders Ministers to Cancel all Pointless EU meetings

Government officials will stop attending pointless European Union Meetings from the 1st of September.

The Department for Exiting the European Union have announced the move, explaining that ”UK officials and Minsters will now only attend EU meetings where the UK has a significant national interest in the outcome of discussions, such as on security.”

Committing once again to deliver Brexit on October 31, the Department has Said ”This decision reflects the fact that the UK’s exit from the EU on October 31 is now very close and many of the discussions in the EU meetings will be about the future of the Union after the UK has left”.

The Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay added ”From now on we will only go to the meetings that really matter, reducing attendance by over half and saving hundreds of hours. This will free up time for Ministers and their Officials to get on with preparing for our departure on October 31 and seizing the Opportunities that lie ahead.”

This comes after the European Union refused to re-open negotiating on the undemocratic Backstop, so now is the time for the government to speed-up preparations for a No Deal Brexit.

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