Price of Dairy products to soar by 50%

The price of milk is to rise by 50 per cent and butter by 30 per cent as the cost of living soars.

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Industry bosses fear that surging costs from feed, fertiliser and fuel will cause an increase in prices not seen in decades.

It comes as dairy farmers flew into Brussels last week for crisis talks over soaring costs and supply chain disruption.

The cost of four pints of milk will rise from around £1.15 to between £1.60 and £1.70, according to the UK’s leading adviser to dairy farmers Kite Consulting. 

Meanwhile a typical pack of butter could increase from £1.55 to more than £2.

cheese could go up in price by about 20 per cent from around £8/kg to £10/kg because milk is such a big component of the manufacturing process.

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