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Prince Harry says he suffered burnout and needs to meditate every day

Prince Harry says he suffered ‘burnout’ and needs to meditate every day.

He appeared as part of a virtual panel hosted by a mental health company.

Speaking about mental health, He said that ‘as a father, husband and someone starting a business’, he needs to meditate to cope with stress.

He admitted that there was hardly any “fuel or steam in the engine” and he was “burning the candle at both ends”.

He said he meditates every day and tries to “put in about half an hour, 45 minutes” in the morning when Archie is at nursery and Lilibet is taking a nap.

He added: ‘’I try to focus on working out, taking the dog for a walk or “getting out in nature”.

He said he hoped that “everybody would be able to do that” but realised that single parents “just don’t have the time”.

“Looking inside yourself” is the “only way” to combat feelings of burnout, the duke added.

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