Prince Philip is furious with Harry and Meghan’s lack of respect for the Queen

Prince Philip reacted with disbelief at Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit as frontline royals, saying: “What the hell are they playing at?”

The Duke of Edinburgh, 98, was furious over their bombshell announcement and accused them of a lack of respect for the Queen.

Prince Philip has always been extremely close to Harry and has been left “deeply hurt” at his decision to step back from duties.

The shock move hastily revealed on social media comes just weeks after the Prince was treated in hospital in the run-up to Christmas.

Prince Philip was briefed by aides over the statement by Harry and Meghan.

A source said: “To say that the Duke feels let down would be a considerable understatement. He is deeply hurt.

“He spends much of his time now confined to his cottage at Sandringham.

“But he was spitting blood when aides informed him what had happened.

Philip has accused Harry and Meghan of lacking respect and he is weary of their behaviour.

“They did not spend Christmas with the family which he and the Queen accepted and now this shock announcement happens. His primary concern is the impact this is having on the Queen.

“A lot of Philip’s anger comes from seeing Her Majesty upset.”

According to the Daily Mail, and the Daily express….