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Ownership: is Owned and run by UKUpdates to supply News updates in a blog type format.

Our Terms: By reading and using our website you agree to all sections of our privacy policy.

User data: Through the use of google analytics, uses data about the it’s users. We in no way use this information to wrongly track individual users, and the detail of information received does not permit us to do this, neither does various legislation. We track information about users “in bulk”, we can see how many visits users have made and from which country that visitor was located. Other statistics about user behavior on our site, such as average time spent, Retention rate etc, is used to help us improve the functionality and quality of the website.

Advertising: The adverts on our site are served by google adsense and Taboola and there subsequent partners and we take no responsibility for the content shown on those ads.

User Interaction: Comments are turned off on posts, Should you wish to send us a message you can do so via our social media facebook page by clicking HERE or sending an Email to

GDPR: is GDPR compliant and you, as the user, have the ability to control data that may be collected about you,  You can do this by disabling cookies on your web browser and you also have a ‘Manage Options’ section when consenting to the use of your personal data.

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