Protester ties himself to goal bringing Everton vs Newcastle match to a standstill

A man has tied himself to a goal post during a football match this evening.

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The protester ran onto the pitch during Everton ‘s match against Newcastle United at Goodison Park, wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Just Stop Oil’.

He used cable ties to attach himself to the post, with staff racing over to remove him while the game was paused.

The protester has been named as Louis, and he was eventually released from the cable ties and removed from the pitch so play could continue.

JustStopOil report that the 21-year-old said something needs to be done now in order to prevent a global catastrophe.

He said: “It’s 2022 and it’s time to look up, time to step up and not stand by. It’s time to act like it’s an emergency.

“Our government is betraying us by funding new oil fields in the North Sea. New oil means destruction of our children’s future.

“It means war on small island states. And it means suffering now for the poorest and most marginalised in all

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