Remainers lose legal challenge to block Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal

A Scottish court has thrown out a bid by Remainers to stop Boris Johnson getting his revised Brexit deal through Parliament.

Remain campaigner Jo Maugham has failed in a legal bid to suspend the Brexit deal negotiated by Boris Johnson. He had asked Scotland’s Court of Session to rule that the EU withdrawal agreement was unlawful because it did not comply with UK trade laws.

They argued that the designation of Northern Ireland in a separate customs territory was contrary to trade law, but their petition was dismissed by the judge Lord Pentland.

But Government lawyers defended the deal and claimed the legal action is a ‘direct and manifest interference with Parliament’.

On Friday evening, Lord Pentland rejected the campaigners’ argument that the agreement was unlawful, writing in his verdict that the petition was ‘of very-doubtful competency’.

Parliament is due to vote on the deal on Saturday but Mr Johnson may struggle to get it through as the Democratic Unionist Party has voiced opposition to the agreement.

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