Residents bid to rename Corbyn Road to stop house prices failing

People living on Corbyn Road have launched a bid to change the street name after the seat swung to the Tories for the first time ever.

The 600m-long residential road is in the heart of Dudley North which was a staunch Labour stronghold until the Tories’ stunning election victory.

Brexiteer Marco Longhi, 52, is now the first Tory MP to represent the constituency after winning a majority of more than 11,000 votes.

Losing Labour candidate Melanie Dudley – ironically sharing the name of the constituency she fought – blamed Corbyn for the party’s historic loss.

She said: “Corbyn didn’t always play well on the doorstep. At all.”

In the wake of the Tory victory, residents of Corbyn Road fear the street name could send house prices – which average £140,000 – plummeting.

One resident said: “We’ve always known the name attracts attention and it didn’t matter as much when the town was Labour but now it’s associated with the worst Labour leader there has ever been.

“The name must go. When you think Corbyn you think of racism and failure. I don’t want the place I live to be linked with that.

“House prices in this area are already struggling, the last thing we need is potential buyers being put off by the street name.”

Retired electrician Tom Robertson, 66, said: “I’m a life-long Labour supporter but I’ve never liked the direction Jeremy Corbyn was going in.

“It used to amuse my grown up children that I live on Corbyn Road but frankly it’s now more of an embarrassment.

“I’ve got Jewish friends who are appalled at what’s happened in the party since he was leader.

“It’s time his name was wiped from history and the name of our street. I don’t care what they call it but not after any politician because they’re all bloody awful.”

Writing on Facebook, user Jan Onley said: “It’s time for a petition to ditch the name Corbyn Road for something more united.

“Mr Corbyn doesn’t represent us so why does his name appear on our road sign?

“Let’s lobby the council to change it to something we all agree with. My suggestion is Unity Road but I’d love to hear other ideas.”