Rush hour snowfall expected across England!

The UK Met Office has just released a yellow warning of snowfall Thursday morning. The warning covers much of the Midlands, Central Southern England, East Anglia, and parts of Wales.

Whilst amounts are not expected to be considerable there is a risk of some heavy snowfall for a period of time with accumulations above 150m.

The Met Office warning reads as follows:

Issued: 10:00 (UTC) on Wed 26 Feb 2020

Rain and hill snow will move eastwards late Wednesday evening and during the early hours of Thursday. Snow is expected over hills and mountains in Wales and also over the Cotswolds and Chilterns. In southern Wales 2-5 cm of snow is likely, mainly above 200 metres, whilst 1-3 cm snow is likely over the Cotswolds, Chilterns, and parts of the Midlands above 150 metres. Away from hills, rain may turn to sleet and snow for a time over parts of the Midlands, East Anglia and the northern Home Counties. Accumulations at these low-levels will be mostly small, especially on roads, but a centimetre or so is possible in one or two places. Rain, sleet and snow will quickly clear southeastwards by late morning and any snow at lower levels will soon thaw.

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