Saharan heat wave set to bake UK in temperatures of 24c!

Britain is braced to bake in 24C temperatures next week as a Saharan heat blast sweeps in. BBC Breakfast host Rachel Burden described it as a “mini-heatwave” as temperatures rocket from near-freezing conditions today to 24c by Tuesday. 

BBC meteorologist Darren Bett warned that the heatwave will be “short-lived” with a dramatic drop in temperatures expected by Easter weekend as a significant Northerly wind will see widespread frosts and some snow.

However, talking about the heatwave next week, adding: “For most of us next week high pressure will be in charge.

“That is going to bring in all this mild, warm air from the south. The temperatures will continue to rise through Monday and Tuesday.

“The peak on Tuesday could be 24C. But you can see by the time we get to Easter it will be much, much colder. It will be a rollercoaster ride.”

Temperatures could drop by more than 10C between Wednesday and Friday, according to the forecast.

The latest Met Office weather models show large parts of the UK turning dark orange as an area of “warm tropical continental air” closes in from Europe.

Tuesday is on course to be the hottest day of 2021 and just short of the all-time March record set more than 50 years ago.

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