Serving Met Police detective found guilty of arranging to meet with 13 year old girl

A Metropolitan Police officer has been found guilty of three child sex offences after attempting to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Detective Constable Francois Olwage, 51, from Stevenage, arranged a meet-up with an online profile fitting the description.

He was arrested in Basingstoke after what detectives described as a ‘proactive investigation’.

The court heard yesterday that the girl was in fact an undercover police officer.

Peter Shaw, prosecuting, told the jury that at the start of the trial, Olwage pleaded guilty to an offence of improperly exercising his police powers and privileges in order to receive the “benefit of sexual gratification”.

The court heard Mr Olwage had started explicit sexual conversations with the “girl” in October before suggesting they meet in what she said was her hometown of Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Mr Shaw said the divorced father-of-three had taken the train to meet the girl, who went by the username Smile Bear, on 28 October and was arrested after stopping at a McDonalds.

On that day he was listed as “on duty working from home”, Mr Shaw said,

When officers searched his bag they found condoms, a bottle of lubricant and a packet of erectile dysfunction tablets, the jury heard.

Mr Olwage said he had not specifically packed the bag but it was his travel bag for work trips, holidays or dates.

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