Severe Blizzards to cross the Country on Tuesday as Arctic air sweeps South

The weather would have you believe we are in mid April with New Years Eve being the warmest on record as the temperature reached an incredible 15.8c however that’s all about to change.

On Tuesday cold air is set to surge South around the Eastern flank of high pressure, Whilst a strong moisture laden area of low pressure sweeps in off the Atlantic bringing strong winds with it.

Where the two air masses collide there is the prospect for Strong Winds & Heavy Snow resulting in Blizzard conditions.

Currently the GFS Model predicts this will be across a large swathe of England & Wales however other model outputs do not expect the same scenario to play out with the low pressure that would cause the snow as per the GFS model remaining to the South of the UK and the main risk of snow being in the form of showers in Scotland and Northern parts of England.

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