Severe storm warning extended until next week!

The Metoffice has extended their thunderstorm warning until next week!

A yellow warning has been issued for many parts of the country between now and Monday.

Thunderstorms will bring heavy rain and the possibility of flash flooding, Intense lightning and large hail. Some of the lightning may be similar to what has been described as ‘silent lightning’ with no discernable loud claps of thunder.

The majority of the storms will be slow moving leading to high rainfall totals in a space of a few hours.

The warning is in force for parts of North West England, North Wales and West Midlands which is where the worst of the storms are likely to occur.

Further details from the Met Office reads:

Issued: 10:51 (UTC+1) on Wed 12 Aug 2020

Areas of showers and thunderstorms associated with a hot and humid air mass stranded across the southern half of the UK are expected to continue through Friday, and not solely during daylight hours. Many areas encompassed by this warning will miss the thunderstorms altogether, but where they occur, heavy rain (20-30mm in an hour, and possibly as much as 50mm in 2 to 3 hours), frequent lightning, and in some places large hail are all potential hazards. The greatest chance of impactful showers is expected to be in the southern half of this warning area, where afternoon showers are more likely to be slow moving and prolonged.