Shopkeeper told elderly man his lottery ticket lost so she could steal his £130,000

A shopkeeper who told a pensioner his £130,000 lottery ticket was a loser so she could steal the cash has been jailed.

Narendra Gill took the lucky dip ticket from retired delivery man Frank Gowland, 81, after checking it at her shop in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Mr Gowland did not realise he’d won the prize until the police told him it was stolen.

The police checked CCTV footage and saw Mr Gowland get into a car at the shopping centre with his wife Sue, 77.

He said: ‘’The whole thing has been quite a shock. I had no clue I’d won until I got this phone call. I couldn’t hear what the PC was saying so I asked my stepson to deal with it.

Mr Gowland, who wears a hearing aid, said Gill handed him back eight crumpled tickets after he asked her to check them.

She gave them back to him telling the pensioner they were all losers but took the winning ticket, which was won £130,928 after the £46 million jackpot rolled over on May 4.

Mr Gowland received his payout in November last year and has since bought a new car and walk-in shower for his wife.

The shop keeper, Narendra Gill was been jailed for 28 months at Leeds crown court yesterday after admitting theft and fraud. 

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