Shoppers stunned as ‘non-essential products’ are covered up in Welsh supermarkets

A stunned shopper took pictures of shelves in a Tesco store being cordoned off, with household items such as duvets, bedding and phone chargers.

Staff could be seen covering up aisles and stopping shoppers from accessing the banned items.

A shocked person commented: “Non-essential items being covered up in supermarkets in Wales. Has it really come to this?”

And another said: “Shops in Wales covering up ‘non-essential items. Not entirely sure I understand the logic.”

A another confused shopper tweeted a picture of shelves being covered up, adding: “Shops in Wales right now! Unbelievable!”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our colleagues across Wales will be working incredibly hard today so we can comply with the Welsh Government’s ban on selling ‘non-essential’ goods to our customers from 6pm this evening.”

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