Simon Pegg launches scathing attack on Rishi Sunak and his maths plan

Simon Pegg took has launched a scathing attack on Rishi Sunak and his new match plan to make it compulsory for pupils to study maths until they are 18.

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The actor branded Rishi a ‘p***k’ as he shared a scathing rant at the new initiative, asking: ‘What about the arts?’

His comments have drawn some attention amongst the public, with the star now trending at No.2 on Twitter.

In an attempt to combat high rates of innumeracy in the UK, Rishi declared this week his new plan for every pupil in England will study some form of maths until they’re 18.

But met with a wave of backlash, Hot Fuzz star Simon was one of the many unhappy UK citizens with the news.

He said in a video: ‘So Rishi Sunak, our unmandated, unelected Prime Minister, twice removed, has decided that it should be compulsary for children to learn maths up until the age of 18.

 ‘What a p***k! What about arts and humanities, fostering this country’s amazing reputation for creativity and self expression?’

He continued: ‘What about that? What about the kids who don’t want to do maths? I hated maths, I dropped maths as soon as I could and I’ve never needed it other than the skillset that I acquired at the age of 12.

But no, Rishi Sunak wants to f***ing drone army of data entering robots. What a tosser, f**k the tories. Get rid of them, please F**k off.

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