Sinead O’Connor pays tribute to her son as she wears pink to his funeral

Sinead O’Conner paid tribute to her ‘beautiful’ 17-year-old son today at his Hindu funeral.

Shane was laid to rest following a ceremony attended by 50 people, including his father Donal Lunny, at Newlands Cross Cemetery in West Dublin.

Sinead, who wore bright colours in line with her son’s wishes wrote on social media shortly afterwards to say he would ‘have loved it’.

The Irish singer, 55, wrote: ‘We just said goodbye to our beautiful angel, Shaney. Very lovely Hindu ceremony. Shane will have loved it.’

‘I put a few packs of cigarettes in the coffin for him in case there’s none in heaven. He’ll have loved that too.’

The ceremony came ahead of a memorial service for the teenager which will take place in Bray, Co Wicklow, tomorrow evening.

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