Single Mother of four reveals how she feeds her family on £30 a week

A single mum-of-four has shared her top tips for ensuring her kids are well-fed amid the current cost of living – claiming a £121 monthly bulk shop is the key to success.

Kimberly Shannon, 33, from Norwich, spends an hour at the start of each month meal planning for the following four weeks.

As a self-employed mum on universal credit, her income fluctuates depending on demand for her bespoke cake-making business.

But Kimberly says a bulk food shop at the beginning of each month, and in-depth meal planning, enables her to always feed her family – even if business is slow.

And she claims she’s whittled her monthly shop down to approximately £121 a month, including the use of vouchers and Clubcard points.

Kimberly said: ‘Some months I’m better off than others, but the point of the monthly shop and plan is so I’m always prepared for the worst.

‘My tips are for people who, like me, worry about coming up short in terms of feeding their family each month.

‘It’s organisation and planning that ensures my children have always got full bellies when they go to bed at night – no matter my financial situation.’

Kimberly has four children between the ages of two and twelve.

Being self-employed means she often feels pressure to ensure there is always food on the table.

So, Kimberly devised a specific grocery shopping technique that she can fall back on when times are particularly tough.

She’s found that meal planning for each month and a monthly bulk food shop helps her provide for her family.

‘I do a four week meal plan as week one and three, and week two and four.

‘This way I minimise the amount I have to buy, by using the same ingredients in different ways.

‘The £121 figure doesn’t include toilet roll, toiletries, animal foods or sanitary products – I’m simply talking about a food shop.

‘If you’re on universal credit, you may be entitled to Healthy Start Vouchers which gives me £4.25 a week or £17 every 4 weeks.

‘If you have more than one child under four, you should get at least that per child – it’s worth finding out.

‘A big rule of mine is don’t live beyond your means – cheap doesn’t mean rubbish.

‘Just because it’s frozen doesn’t mean it’s not good for you, and sometimes filling a plate is the most important thing.

‘In Tesco you can get 20 frozen sausages for a £1.36 compared to eight from the fresh meats section for £2!

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