Snow to hit the UK on Monday night with up-to 15cms possible in some areas

Snow is forecast to hit northern parts of the UK on Monday Night and into the early hours on Tuesday morning.

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for the next two days as Brits brace for snow, gales and wet weather.

Weather warnings are in place for Monday covering Northern Ireland, the majority of Scotland and northern England.

Northern cities like Manchester could see 1-2 cms of snow but most parts will just see sleet or rain on low levels.

Some parts of Northern England could see 5-10 cms of snow on the higher ground.

Snow and ice warning are in place for northwestern parts of Scotland on Monday night – bringing up to 15cm of snowfall and blizzard like conditions as strong winds move across the country.

The Met Office has forecast snow on the high ground over 100m, low-level snow in North-West Scotland, where up to six inches will fall over 300m, and up to two inches in southern Scotland on hills.

Ice patches will also be widespread, causing possible disruption to travel.

Southern parts of the country will not see any snowfall.

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