‘Snowflakes’ banned from applying for Jobs at Kent builder’s

A boss of a building company has told “snowflakes” not to apply for jobs at his business.

Adam Weedon declares he has burnt through ten “work-shy” men in a year who “love their phone and want their mummy to pamper them”.

In an advert for his company, Ad-A-Brick Building Services, Adam has sworn to eliminate any unsuitable candidates.

The ad, posted on December 14, reads: “JOB ADVERT FOR JANUARY ONWARDS. Full-time labouring position, pay dependent on experience, hard work so no snowflakes need apply.’’

Social media users have slammed the advert. One wrote: “If you think everyone  else is the problem, maybe you’re the problem.”

Another wrote: “What’s the minimum rate? I’m sure they’ve all left because the work was too hard and nothing to do with you as a boss.”

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