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Here at we aim to provide a platform that brings you the reader the latest News, Sport, Entertainment and more from around the UK. We are currently expanding our social media presence and have over 1.3 Million followers with new social accounts being introduced to help grow our reach. See our pages below…

UK Updates
Followers: 308,000+
This page shares content from across the site covering all topics that the UK public are discussing right now.

UK Politics Updates

Followers: 20,000+

This page gives our political news a dedicated platform in the world of Social media.

UK News Updates

Followers: 40,000+

Our News dedicated social page bringing followers all the biggest breaking stories throughout the day.

UK Weather Updates

Followers: 20,000+

UK Weather Updates gives regular weekly forecasts and reports as well as severe weather news stories.

Global Updates

Followers: 500+

A new page for us which we hope to build up over the coming months to allow us to share News from around the world to dedicated followers.

Entertainment Updates

Followers: 2500+

Another new page which we look to grow throughout 2020.

Sports Updates

Followers: +

Our dedicated sports page we will look to bring to the updates family in 2020.


Followers: 115,000+

Taking a Leave stance on the In/Out debate on the EU. This page has proven hugely succesful and currently sits as the third most popular Leave supporting social media outlet (Behind Leave.EU & Get Britain Out) with 5.7 Million Likes, Comments and Shares this year.

Extreme Weather

Followers: 800,000+

Extreme Weather has been providing forecasts and Video/Picture reports for 6 years and continues to be an extremely popular page reaching over 3 Million people every month.

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