Storm Brendan to hit Britain with Torrential rain and winds up-to 90MPH!

Tomorrow looks set to be a wet and windy one for many as we head into the new working week.

A deep area of Low Pressure named as Storm Brendan will track to the North West of Northern Ireland.

An area of very strong winds and heavy rain will move eastwards across the UK throughout Monday, clearing eastwards overnight.

Western parts of Scotland which will face the strongest winds with up to 90 MPH likely over high grounds and gusts of 70 – 80 MPH across Northern Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales.

The UK Met Office have released a Yellow warning along with the following information:

The strongest winds are expected around exposed coasts and hills. Here gusts of 60-70 mph are likely, with a few sites perhaps seeing gusts to 80 mph – especially around Irish Sea coasts and around the west coast of Scotland where the strongest winds are most likely.

Gusts will be lower inland with 45-55 mph likely.

There also could be some thunder and lighting as the band of heavy rain moves across the UK.

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