Storm Dennis could be the deepest area of low pressure ever recorded in the North Atlantic!

Pressure readings and forecasts for the next 24 hours are showing that Storm Dennis is deepening rapidly in what is known as Explosive Cyclogenesis.

The Central pressure reading of Storm Dennis is expected to drop a massive 50-60mb in just 24 hours dropping to around 917mb.

For it to set the record it would need to get below 914mb which has a chance of being reached.

Due to the storm remaining to the North of the UK for the majority of its life span as a severe storm the wind speeds are likely to be a touch lower than the UK endured under Storm Ciara, However brief gusts could still top 90MPH in exposed locations.

The Storm has also resulted in numerous Amber warnings for rain with 100mm + possible over the next 3 days leading to widespread flooding.

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