Storm Eunice upgraded to ‘bomb cyclone’ which is similar to a hurricane

Brits are being urged to stay indoors as Storm Eunice ‘could be upgraded’ to a ’bomb cyclone’ which is similar to a hurricane.

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The Met Office has issued a red warning which is the highest alert, meaning a high impact is very likely. This is a very rare event for the UK.

Forecasters have said Storm Eunice could be the worst storm to hit the UK in 30 years with wind speeds expected to reach over 100mph.

Storm Eunice could unleash a rare and powerful phenomenon called a ‘sting jet,’ also known as a ‘bomb cyclone’ which is similar to a hurricane.

Some schools across the country have been forced to close due to dangerous winds expected on Friday which are forecast to reach over 100mph in England and Wales.

A sting jet forms when a stream of cold air is pulled down into a warmer system at the head of a storm, creating evaporation and accelerating air speeds which makes the storm extremely powerful similar to a hurricane.

Dr Ambrogio Volonté, of the University of Reading described Eunice as a “bomb” cyclone, similar in structure to the 1987 storm.

The Stormis forecast to start at 3am on Friday with strong winds expected to last throughout the weekend.

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