Strong winds & heavy rain to smash Britain for the next 10 days!

After a nice settled & frosty few days the UK is set to return to the pattern we experienced for much of Autumn.

This is brought about as high pressure slips away and a succession of low pressure systems head for the UK following a similar path for the next 7-10 days.

As these low pressure systems approach we will often find a temporary Southerly draw of winds increasing temperatures however as each one moves away to the East of the UK a chance of colder air from the North/North West will give spells of Wintry weather for Scotland and the North West of England.

Any wintry spells will be short lived however as the next Low pressure once again brings further strong winds and heavy rain.

Despite rain being a regular theme over the 10 days the latest model outputs suggest no severe flooding issues should arise due to the speed each weather front moves through which will be welcome news to those in high risk areas.

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