Sturgeon to announce new independence referendum plans ‘within weeks’

Nicola Sturgeon insisted support for independence “is rising” as she confirmed the SNP could unveil its plans for a new referendum within Weeks.

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday, the First Minister confirmed her Government will set out the timings for the introduction of legislation “within weeks.” 

She said: “The preparatory work of that (holding a second referendum) is under way right now. We haven’t decided on the date we would seek to introduce the bill, we’ll decide that in the coming weeks.

“But what I have said and I’ll happily say again to you right now is my intention is to take the steps that will facilitate a referendum happening before the end of 2023.’’

Ms Sturgeon said: “Support for independence, I believe is rising. I think when Scotland comes to choose, we will choose independence, not just because of the current occupant in Number 10.

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