Suella Braverman demands emergency legislation to ban Palestine marches

Suella Braverman has called for Rishi Sunak to back up his attack on extremism by introducing emergency legislation to ban Palestine marches in central London.

In an exclusive interview with GB News, she said hate marches seen by the UK in the wake of the October 7 attacks by Hamas have made parts of London “no go” areas for Jewish people

She warned the Prime Minister that it is now “time for action, not words”.

Giving a press conference from Downing Street last week, Rishi Sunak said the UK has seen a “shocking increase in extremist disruption and criminality” from people trying to capitalise on Hamas’ attack on Israel.

He urged protesters to not let extremists “hijack” the demonstrations, calling for people to “protest decently” and “with empathy for your fellow citizens”.

While Braverman said that Sunak’s remarks were “welcome words”, she told GB News: “I think the time for words has come to an end and we do need to see action.

“The next day we saw tens of thousands of people take to the streets, chanting hateful slogans and behaving in a totally unacceptable way in many instances, overwhelming the police, notably, where police resource has been disproportionate to actually what’s happening.

“So we need to see a step change in the police response. They need to be enforcing the law. They need to be arresting people who are using threatening or abusive language.

“We need to be holding the police to account in a better way and I would have liked to have seen an emergency law introduced to actually empower ministers and empower all of those policymakers who are responsible for this issue to actually take steps to restrict some of these marches. You know, this has been going on now for four months.

“It’s become a weekly fixture. Parts of London have become a no go areas for Jewish people. That is totally unacceptable. We’ve seen antisemitism skyrocket.

“That cannot be the case in 21st century Britain, and therefore it’s time for action. Not words.”


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