Sweltering Spanish Plume to bring 33c Heatwave!

The UK is staring down the barrel of a scorching hot plume emanating from Spain. The plume looks set to gather pace and head towards the South from Thursday with temperatures reaching into the mid 20’s before the hot air pushes further North on Friday allowing many in the country to enjoy the hot spell.

The highest temperatures are likely to be in Central Southern England and down towards the South East with Friday & Saturday potentially reaching 30c+. Beyond this the models deviate from one another, GFS forecasts a continuation of the hot spell, However other models including the ECMWF expects average conditions to return Sunday into Monday.

This spell will likely put an end to the prospect of the first July since 2011 in which the UK fails to register a temperature of 30c and will be welcomed by many after a relatively cool summer so far.

For those going abroad to the near continent the temperatures are going to be even hotter with popular resorts around the med seeing highs of 40c, A temperature the UK has so far never reached with the record set last year of 38.7c.