Teachers call police on schoolboy selling air fresheners to boost his pocket money

The mother of nine-year-old boy who sold air fresheners to boost his pocket money has revealed his teachers called the police on him.

Alicia McHale, from Manchester, said she was shocked when two officers were sent round looking for her son.

She criticised Sacred Heart Primary School for leaving her upset and embarrassed and said the authorities did not need to have been involved.

Donnan started buying a packet of four air fresheners from a pound shop then sold them individually for £1 each outside a Tesco petrol station.

In just four weeks had earned enough to buy a coat, phone, bike and tracksuit.

She said: ‘I asked the police officers what the problem was. They just said ”we’ve had a phone call from the school, it’s from Sacred Heart, could we come in a minute”?’

After speaking with the youngster, they seemed unconcerned, adding: ‘Donnan explained, the officers were absolutely fine with it.

Suzanne Walker, headteacher at Sacred Heart Primary School, said: ‘We take the health and wellbeing of our pupils both in school and out very seriously and it is our duty to seek further advice and guidance if concerns are raised with us about the welfare and safety of any of our pupils.’

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