Teen who’s completely stopped shaving insists body hair makes her feel ’empowered’

Macey Duff, 19, from Nevada, who started shaving her legs and arms at the age of ten, said she felt conditioned to do so by society.

The dancer spent six years feeling ashamed to let her body hair grow, in fear of being ridiculed. 

It wasn’t until 2016, when she moved to Hawaii with her family that she got inspired to follow her lifelong desire.

she has received a lot of criticism over her decision to let her body hair grow and has even had strangers approach her to express their disgust. Macey revealed that this has only left her feeling more empowered by the impact it’s had on people. 

But the teenager has had no regrets and admits that she grew a personal connection with her body, while learning to accept herself for who she is.

‘I felt a deep appreciation for simply being myself. It took about a month for my hair to comfortably grow out, I have not used a razor blade since.’

‘I feel happier and less stressful.’

She has since set up an Instagram page, @maceytheearthling to share her body hair in all its glory, as she wants to prove that being hairy can be a beautiful, feminine thing, contrary to what society has led us to believe. 

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