Teenager tricks Jeremy Corbyn into signing poster saying ‘I Love Terrorists’

A teenager duped Jeremy Corbyn into signing a piece of paper which stated he “supports terrorists”, is an “anti-Semite” and is on the “payroll of Iranian TV”.

The student, who was being filmed by his former Labour supporting dad, Alastair, 38, then proudly opened the paper next to Mr Corbyn and posed.

On the sheet, which featured an image of the 70-year-old with his thumbs up photo shopped wearing a Soviet Union T-shirt, were the words: “I support terrorists and I am an anti-semite. Also I am on Iran TV payroll.”

After completing the stunt, the pair then left the conference without any of Mr Corbyn’s supporters or security noticing.

Thomas, from Quedgeley, Gloucestershire said: “It was my idea. I thought it was a good idea to tell everyone

“I was really surprised at the security, it was rubbish and I walked right to the front of the room after he had finished speaking, said hello to him and got him to sign the piece of paper.

“He didn’t say anything, there were no questions or concerns, he signed it willingly and was oblivious.

“I don’t like his views in relation to anti-Semitism and I don’t like how he is affiliated with Hammas and Hezbollah, who he refers to as friends.”

“He disgusts me. If they looked to change their leader and policies I’d consider voting for Labour, but on December 12. I will be voting for Boris Johnson.”