The NHS is owed £150 Million in unpaid bills by foreign health tourists

Foreign health tourists have left the NHS with more than £150 million of unpaid medical bills which could pay for 6,000 nurses as medics say charging them is ‘racist’.

The huge bill is enough to pay for 5,500 junior doctors, 22,000 heart bypasses and 6,000 extra nurses.

23 NHS hospitals across the UK are still owed more than £1 million from foreign patients and 91 trusts have outstanding bills totaling £149.5 million.

However hospital staff are reluctant to chase patients for payments after medical groups suggested charging them is racist.

Conservative MP Philip Davies said ”It is the National Health Service, not an International Health Service and it is essential these charges are made for overseas visitors.”

Only people who have lived in the UK for at least 6 months and are paying taxes are supposed to be entitled to free NHS care.

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