The World could be in Quarantine!

Coronavirus or to give its official title, Covid-19, Is fast becoming the biggest risk to health throughout the world and the continued spread looks likely to result in more governments shutting down entire areas to slow or contain the spread further.

Expert have warned that a cluster of Coronavirus cases in Italy is ‘a big worry for Europe’ and that the world is at a tipping point.

Professor Paul Hunter, from the University of East Anglia, said recent cases outside China have been ‘extremely concerning’, particularly in South Korea, Japan and Iran.

He said: ‘The director-general of the World Health Organisation has recently spoken of a narrowing of the window of opportunity to control the current epidemic. ‘The tipping point after which our ability to prevent a global pandemic ends seems a lot closer after the past 24 hours.

The identification of the large cluster of cases in Italy is a big worry for Europe and we can expect there to be quite a few more cases identified in the next few days.’ Backing up his fears, Dr Robin Thomspon from the Oxford University warned about the doubling in the number of cases in Italy between Friday and Saturday. He said: ‘This is an important stage of the Coronavirus outbreak. Fast isolation of even mild cases in affected areas is important for preventing substantial person-to-person transmission in Europe. It is critical that public health guidelines are followed.

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