Thousands of protesters march in Brussels to oppose restrictions

Thousands of protesters marched in Brussels on Sunday to oppose restrictions, as European governments impose tougher rules due to Omicron.

A crowd of around 5,000 people marched through the city of Brussels, according to reports.

People were heard chanted ‘freedom, freedom!’ and seen holding banners.

On Sunday, health minister Frank Vandenbroucke said in an interview, for a parliamentary debate on tighter rules as Belgium sees Omicron cases soar.

He said: ’People’s minds are changing,’ A year ago, I was saying: compulsory vaccination is not a good idea, we need to convince people.

‘We now need to vaccinate 100 percent of the population which was not our idea a year ago, we thought that 70 was enough. 

This is not an idea that is likely to find much support among the protesters, who are against compulsory measures.

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