Thousands pack Beaches leaving behind rubbish, poo, vomit, urine & sanitary towels!

Numerous complaints have been made around the country after people fail to clear up after themselves whilst visiting the beach.

Those faced with cleaning up the mess have spoken about tonnes of rubbish along with poo, vomit and urine blighting areas of UK shorelines.

Volunteer litter picker, Erin Tyrrell, said people have been left ‘traumatised’. She told the Dorset Echo: ‘The sea was a tip, the caves were a tip. The cliffs have been vandalised.

‘There’s poo and soiled wet wipes everywhere and behind every corner it absolutely stinks. ‘Is the beach at Durdle Door a public toilet or just an open sewer? The caves are vile, people are filthy and this beach is a public health hazard.’

Ella Garrud, the charity’s Living Seas Officer said: “As coronavirus lockdown measures continue to ease, there has been a noticeable spike in the amount of rubbish being left on beaches as more people are able to spend more time at the coast

“Often, incoming tides will wash a lot of waste into the sea where it immediately becomes a threat to marine life. It is therefore vital that everyone takes home their litter and disposes of it properly. “With bins overflowing with rubbish, many people are choosing to simply leave their litter behind. “Although many councils employ people specifically to help clean beaches, it is impossible for them to collect everything.”

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