Thousands sign petition to scrap the BBC Licence Fee

Thousands sign petition calling for the BBC Licence Fee to be scrapped.

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The petition says: ‘’We wish the TV licence to be revoked when the BBC’s current Royal Charter expires at the end of 2027.’’

‘’From that point the BBC should be funded in a different way, which does not require people to pay for a licence to view live broadcasts.’’

‘’Removing the licence fee would mean people did not face the threat of prosecution for non-payment of the TV licence.’’

‘’We believe moving to a different funding model could bring better content and the BBC could thrive under a different model, if they would have to compete for viewers. A change to the funding model would also give consumers a better choice as many other providers already do.’’

The target is to reach 100,000 signatures to get the petition debated in Parliament. So make sure you Sign and Share!!!!

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