Three metre rule could be brought in in order to stop Covid spread as cases rise

The once reliable 2 metre rule could soon be a thing of a past as experts from the Sage advisory committee urge for the rule to be changed from one metre plus’ to ‘two metres plus’, according to reports. The move, in effect, would change the limit to three metres (almost 10ft), the Daily Mail claims.

Several members of Sage say the third national lockdown must be tougher than the first one in March in order to stop the spread of mutant strains. The idea of a ban on people leaving their homes was allegedly raised at one meeting, as ministers fume over those using their ‘daily exercise’ as a chance to meet friends for coffee.

One source said: ‘If it means limiting people to a single one-hour walk on their own once a week that is what we must do. We cannot let a few selfish idiots put the whole country in danger.’ Health Secretary Matt Hancock said yesterday he would ‘not rule out further action if needed’