Thunderstorms break out across the UK!

After temperatures reached the hottest so far this year at the third highest on record of 37.6c a number of thunderstorms have started to break out.

Currently there are active storms covering parts of the Midlands & South West Scotland moving North Eastwards. Earlier today the UK Met Office issued a yellow warning for isolated storms for throughout this evening.

Along with some very hot weather today, a few thunderstorms are likely to break out during the late afternoon and evening. Where thunderstorms do occur frequent lightning is expected, along with gusty winds. Unlike many days with thunderstorms over the UK, relatively little in the way of heavy rain is expected. However, a few places may be unlucky and catch a heavy downpour, perhaps even with some hail, and as much as 15-20 mm rain could fall in less than an hour, most likely in Eastern England.

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