Toddler gets family dog hooked on dummies

A dummy-mad toddler who stashes dummies around her home so she always has one to hand has now got the family dog hooked on them too. Gemma Hill has been trying to wean 18-month-old Bonnie Howards off dummies for two months but without success, as the wily youngster manages to hide them around the house.

Not only is she refusing to give up her beloved dummies, the sneaky tot has been sharing them with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pal Rafa. The 18-month-old pooch now proudly parades around the house and garden sucking on dummies, even standing by Bonnie’s cot whimpering for his fix when he hasn’t got one.

Gemma, who looks after Rafa several times a week for her 30-year-old sister-in-law Emily Howard, has been left tearing her hair out at the ‘ridiculous’ situation.

Instead of trying to get just her daughter to ditch the dummies, she’s now trying to convince little Rafa too.

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